We follow 6 phase project process designed to help us reach the most desirable end product! This stepwise development approach helps us complete projects quickly and efficiently, without any delay and within stipulated budget.

Biztech Consultancy

  • Analysis


    Analysis is the initial action at the beginning of any project. We analyze the requirement put forth by the client to provide the estimated time frame and understand the functioning of the project. It all involves multiple analysis tasks, which include:

    • Gather Data i.e. Competitive Analysis, Generate Work Plans
    • Assessment
    • Plan
  • Design


    In this phase we investigate and assess the content and start creating road map of the structure and architecture of the project. It offers the initial sense what the end product would look like in terms of feel and function. This step covers the framework of project, which includes:

    • Organize and Audit
    • Site Map
    • Wire Frame
    • HTML Prototype and Navigation
  • Creation


    In this step we narrow down our ideas to arrive to a few select options we believe can address the requirements of the project and offer desired results. Once it is done we present it before the client for approval to move forward. This step covers following activities:

    • Conception
    • Presentation and Improvement
    • Graphic Template Design
    • Content Development
  • Deployment


    We set up the configuration setting to make the project/application of the client online/live! In this phase in case any trouble arises, it is instantly addressed and receives QA testing. It is kept under constant supervision for making it work at its best potential. Activities it includes:

    • Configuration Setting
    • A/B Testing
    • Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance


    Conceptualizing, designing, developing, coding, testing and deploying are the phases that a project needs to undergo! But this is not the end! In fact these are the initial phases of online presence; the actual challenge comes when it goes online! You need to maintain and update your website to maintain consistency for optimum ROI. This all include:

    • Sketch a Maintenance Plan
    • Train Client for the same
    • Involves with Client Ensuring Best Site Performance