Turnkey Products for Businesses

Concept soars high, when unified with technology! We do exactly that! Your idea is of course your baby, we just help incubate and forge it.

Surely, it would have given you sleepless nights, ignored several obstacles, sweated out odds, during the process of it getting mature.

You are aware of the market, changing trend, dynamism and even the swinging mood of customers. What is left to be achieved – technical knowhow to turn it to real solution!

It could be jittering, especially if you lack technology expertise.

You may build it too, but it could be tiring and time consuming! Are you ready to spend time, developing technology capability? Why spend time on something you can outsource. We can help you!


We come up with the best solution matching your business needs. Leveraging the expertise, technology and experience we have garnered over the years. We ensure you get the quality and highly effective technology solution you would be expecting.
Biztech Consultancy


Why Biztech

    Having a wide range of offerings and expertise in all segments of global market has helped us understand the international market from close quarters.

    Our bottom line approach towards each project we undertake set us apart from others! You can trust our expertise, professional approach, and the open door policy and friendly environment in which we deliver our 100%.Our collective approach and teamwork help us create something off beat, you could not have expected.

Is it something you can rely upon? Surely you could! We assure you get the most effective product you came looking for! Want to talk? 

  • Initiation

    When any business identifies the need for development of any software,concept proposal is formulated.

  • System Concept Development

    Define scope of concepts including cost benefit analysis, system boundary analysis, risk management plan and feasibility analysis.

  • Planning

    Develop project management plans and offers the cause for acquiring resources to achieve the desired solution.

  • Requirement Analysis

    Analysis of user's need and develop a detail functional document requirement.

  • Design & Development

    Transforms design into a system having details of installing system environment, creating & testing database, developing test files, coding, refining, & performing procurement activities.

  • Integration and Testing

    Manifests that developed product complies with the functional needs.

  • Deployment

    Includes deploymentprocess into a production environment and resolve the problems detected in the testing phase.

  • Operation & Maintenance

    Describes how to operate and maintain the solution in production environment.