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Proofread My Essay is a professionally run company offering quality proofreading services to the students, professionals, and all academic and business people. Anyone can upload the document and get it proofed in a short span. Proofreading is done majorly by freelance experts of respective subject matter. The freelancer downloads the submitted document and after proofreading submits it back with original doc, track changes doc and the proofread copy.

The Challenges

Powerful Shopping Cart Integration

Integrating a user-friendly and powerful shopping cart for the customers using which they can upload their documents and get it back after proofreading was a real challenge for us.

Secure Payment Gateway Integration

For the right flow of payment, the company wanted a secure payment gateway. This can help in safe and secure transaction done by admin, freelancers and customers alike in various occasions.

WordPress Blog Implementation

Proofread My Essay wanted to have Blogging system integrated for proper and easy management of blogs and other content available on the website.

The Solution

Responsive Website Design

Given the ubiquitousness of mobile, the company wanted a responsive and mobile friendly website design to outreach a wider range of customers through their mobiles and addressing their needs.

CMS Structure Implementation in CakePHP

We conceptualized and developed a CMS architecture in CakePHP for the easy and professional management, addition, and modification of website content.

Search Engine Optimized Website

With an objective to be visible online we improved the search engine ranking of the website by making the website search engine friendly.

Client Base

  • UK

Technology Used

  • CakePHP


  • Education & Elearning
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