Revolutionary Mobile Ecosystem

This platform delivers great native applications for a wide range of devices and operating systems. It is backed and supported by largest mobile ecosystem. It is an open and extensible mobile application development environment that can create bold and beautiful native apps for various mobile devices and multiple OSs, like iOS, Android, Blackberry and hybrid and HTML5.

This framework is also powered by an open source SDK free to all with nearly 5,000 devices, mobile operating system APIs, an MVC framework and cloud based services for turnkey mobile backend.

Leveraging this award winning mobile application development framework, reach out wider spectrum of audiences simplifying your business functioning

Why Titanium Mobile Development

Titanium have been the choicest environment for thousands of developers, having more than 74,000 apps to its credit deployed on 250, 000,000 handsets. This award-winning environment enables the enterprises to get to market faster to win the most required competitive edge.

  • It’s a fast growing community
  • Provides third party with app analytics and marketplace
  • Reduces the length of coding drastically
  • Allows developers to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript for writing the app

Biztech Consultancy

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iPhone Business Application Development

Business Application Development

Our team of mobile developers is always ready to assist you define, execute and manage intuitive and intelligent mobile app business solutions that can best suit your existing business software solution – ERP, Finance, HR or database.
  • Robust with stunning results
  • On time delivery
  • Database connected mobile app
iPhone Game Development

Titanium Game Development

We transform a simple game idea into a full-fledged marketable game leveraging techniques, like visual storytelling, lighting, audio engineering, animation and user interface designing.
  • Follow agile development cycle
  • 2D and 3D games
  • Simulation game development
iPhone Lifestyle Application Development

Lifestyle Application Development

Lifestyle apps have taken the mobile apps market into its stride due to its potential to simplify our day-to-day concerns. There are several types of lifestyle mobile apps for specific needs.
  • Communication apps
  • Healthy Lifestyle apps
  • Fashion apps
iPhone Lifestyle Application Development

Hire Titanium Application Developer

Hire highly professional and experienced Titanium Apps Developer and get your hands on some awesome, mission-critical apps to run your business smoother!
  • Comply with International Development Standards
  • Stringent Development Lifecycle
  • Turnkey Solutions